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Escape Your Crisis

We struggle with the transition from student to working life, some call it a quarter-life crisis. How can we prevent burnout symptoms and embrace a mindset of change?

Hero's Journey after Graduation to his First Job

Hero’s Journey to His First Job

After handing in his thesis, Hero struggles with the transition to working life. But during his gap year, he learns a valuable lesson that helps him on his way.

Breathing In Negative Ions Will Improve Your Mood

Do Negative Ions Make You Happier?

Several studies indicate that negative ions are linked to reduced depression severity, lower stress levels, less anxiety, and enhanced well-being.

Inspiring Story from Eminem Biography: Fighting Depression and Poverty

How Eminem Got Out of Depression

From a misfit in poverty to the most successful rapper of all time. Eminem’s rags to riches story might inspire you to get out of depression, despite the world working against you.

10 Positive Trends that show the world is doing better

Is The World Getting Worse?

Activists, journalists and politicians often paint a grim picture of society. But there are actually many positive trends in equality, poverty and research.

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Are You In An Identity Crisis?

Do you have no idea of who you are, where you belong and where you want to go? Take the test and see if you might be in an identity crisis.

The Secret • All Articles •

Summary: The Secret (2006 film)

The Secret is a documentary film by Rhonda Byrne demonstrating how someone can achieve anything in life by changing his/her thoughts. Sounds promising, but what is this “secret” exactly?

Popularization of a quarter life crisis • All Articles •

What is a Quarter-Life Crisis?

On paper, your life should be free of worries. But more and more, you feel that there is something missing. Is this really all my life is going to be?

How To Find Your Purpose In Life By Playing A Game

Find Your Purpose

You need to know who you are, before you can decide who you want to become. Define your current identity, visualize the future you desire and build a new system of habits.

religion is not as harmless as it seems negative effects of religion • All Articles •

Religion Is Not As Harmless As It Seems

Even if you don’t believe in a religion yourself, the fact that other people believe impacts society. Let’s look at the harm that religion does to us all.

work does not have to be fun • All Articles •

Work Doesn’t Have To Be Fun

Advocating the idea that everyone can find a job that’s meaningful, well-paid and fun, is cruel and creates false expectations.

Best Jobs for Digital Nomads: Picture of a Guy Working Outside

Best Jobs for Digital Nomads

Discover the top digital nomad jobs that nomads around the world are doing successfully doing, and how you can work while traveling as well.

Dark Empty Room in Church that Illustrates The Void of Atheism

How to Fill the Void of Atheism

Atheism is growing and fewer people are religious. Yet religion has many benefits for society and yourself. How can you reap these benefits as a non-believer?

3 Types of Digital Nomads - Remote Job, Freelancer and The Entrepreneur

The Three Types of Digital Nomads

There are 3 types of digital nomads, with varying degrees of independence and security. Let’s see what differs remote employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Learn How To Improve Your Skills and Step Up Your Game

Improve Your Skills

Design your learning environment, become inspired, fight distractions, boost your productivity and track your progress.

Take Your Time Eating and Drinking

Does Eating Fast Make You Gain More Weight?

It’s no coincidence that fastfood originates from the United States of Obesity. Read why it’s important to take your time eating and drinking if you want to lose weight.

How To Reach Your Full Potential

Reach Your Full Potential

Optimize your system, leverage compound effects, monetize your passions and create a passive income.

black friday the real story behind the fake deals and promotions • All Articles •

Black Friday: The Dark Reality

Behind Black Friday is a sinister story in which consumers are tricked into buying useless products. But at what cost?

how to fuck up your life • All Articles •

How To Fuck Up Your Life

All self-help books focus on what you need to do to live an amazing life. No one tells you how to fuck it all up.

how to achieve peak performance • All Articles •

How To Achieve Peak Performance

Everyone has the power to achieve peak performance. The key lies in quieting the internal dialogue that hinders us from performing at our best.

Modern Homo Universalis 2.0 - 3D Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci

The Modern Homo Universalis

A homo universalis excels in multiple disciplines, with Da Vinci as the prime example. But what would the homo universalis of the 21st century look like?

5 reasons not to have kids • All Articles •

5 Reasons Not To Have Kids

There are legitimate reasons not to have kids. Parenthood hinders your personal freedom, career opportunities and often leads to a worse relationship.

Bitcoin Dogecoin Ethereum Gambling Addiction Trend in 2020s

Insanity of the 2020s: Bitcoin Gambling

Every midde-aged guy seems to be trading stocks or cryptocurrencies. The highly volatile nature of coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin is appealing and addictive. When does investing turn into gambling?

The Basics of Passive Income Explained in Simple Terms

The Basics of Passive Income

Passive Income is disconnecting your time and the money you earn. It is the only way to true financial freedom. You can find examples of passive income in real estate, investing, online teaching, and more…

How to stop procrastinating: a short guide

You Need To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is delaying tasks you need to do. We promise you: Reading this guide will be the best 5 minutes of procrastination of your life.

Summary The Courage to be Disliked

Summary: The Courage to be Disliked

Discover how you can live your life with courage, free from doubts, past trauma and the expectations of other people, with this Ichiro Kishimi book summary.

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