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Become a Better Version of Yourself

🏝️ 3 Interactive Story Missions

New HorizonsVisualize a new destination and set sail to your desired future.
Gifted Compass Uncover your moral compass and reveal your personality.
Lost at Sea ➟ You float aimlessly in darkness until you shine some light on your past.

📰 60+ Articles on Personal Development

Learn how to monetize your passions, improve your focus, become more productive, and find your purpose in life.

📔 5 Summaries of the Best Self-Help Books

Get the key insights from the best self-help books of all time. All the big ideas of personal development in short summaries. Skip all the fluff and get to the core!

🎧 1 Spotify Playlist

This playlist starts at the deepest valleys, surpasses self-doubt and doesn’t stop until you are energized and full of confidence.

How Can I Download This Template?

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What is this Notion Template for Personal Development?

This Notion template inspires you to start working on your personal development. It contains a few virtual assignments that help you with your self-reflection, a collection of blog articles on becoming a better person and a Spotify playlist that aims to improve your mood.

WTF is Notion?

Notion is an online tool you can use to document your life. It’s like combining your journal, notes, Trello, Word and Excel together into one single app. You use it to gather your thoughts and ideas, keep track of your life goals, set better habits and give structure to your daily life.

The software is free and you can use it on your smartphone or browser. There are no limitations for personal use, but there are paid subscriptions available for businesses and teams.

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