How To Make Money in 2022 (Online and Offline)

Get paid for doing what you love, monetize your passions and invest your money wisely. Making money online and creating a passive income was never easier.

10 Positive Trends that show the world is doing better

Is The World Getting Worse?

Activists, journalists and politicians often paint a grim picture of society. But there are actually many positive trends in equality, poverty and research.

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5 reasons not to have kids • Four Types of Luck: How To Make Getting Lucky Into a Habit • Money

5 Reasons Not To Have Kids

There are legitimate reasons not to have kids. Parenthood hinders your personal freedom, career opportunities and often leads to a worse relationship.

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The Basics of Passive Income Explained in Simple Terms

The Basics of Passive Income

Passive Income is disconnecting your time and the money you earn. It is the only way to true financial freedom. You can find examples of passive income in real estate, investing, online teaching, and more…

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