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15 Minute Guided Meditation: Lake of Tranquility

Enter a Dimension of Mind(fulness)

This 15 minute guided meditation will take you into another dimension. It lies between the valley of your fears, and the summit of your knowledge. Welcome to the Lake of Tranquility.

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What to expect:

I’m working hard at creating new episodes (and I enjoy every minute of it😁)
Below you find a short overview of the topics I plan to cover.


Find Your Purpose

  • 🎧 E05: Who am I? Methods to Define Your Current Identity
  • 🎧 E06: Visualizing a New Reality: Who Do You Want To Become?
  • 🎧 E07: How to Set Goals: A System of New Habits and Common Pitfalls

Improve Your Skills

  • 🎧 E08: Creating Your Personal Learning Environment: a New Notion
  • 🎧 E09: The Infinite Source of Knowledge: Learning on the Internet
  • 🎧 E10: From Consumer to Creator: Combining Ideas and Engaging with Others

Reach Your Full Potential

  • 🎧 E11: Consistency > Ultimate Efforts: Tools to Track Your Progress:
  • 🎧 E12: Continuous Improvement: Exponential Growth and The Compound Effect
  • 🎧 E13: Time to Manage Your Time: Techniques to Plan and Remove Nuisances

Create Your Legacy

  • 🎧 E14: Sensei, Why Should We Teach Others?
  • 🎧 E15: Back to The Basics: Simplifying What You Learned
  • 🎧 E16: Building Your Community: How to Reach, Teach and Pleach People

Want to be on the podcast?

I think these topics lend themselves perfectly for podcasts, so I would love to have conversations with people who have interesting ideas about one of these topics. If you, or someone else you know, would like to jump on an episode, please reach out to me! You can send me an email or send me a direct message on Instagram.




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