After graduation, I’ve noticed that a lot of people our age struggle with the transition to working life, including myself. Doubts whether you have chosen the right study, feeling trapped in a demanding job combined with students debt and high rents, or becoming isolated due to long working hours and sleep deprivation. Throw some existential questions on the value, purpose and meaning of your life into the mix and what do you get? Countless people with burn-out symptoms on the verge of depression. It has become a widespread phenomenon you probably heard of:

🚨 a Quarter-life Crisis 🚨

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15 Minute Guided Meditation: Lake of Tranquility

Enter a Dimension of Mind(fulness)

This 15 minute guided meditation will take you into another dimension. It lies between the valley of your fears, and the summit of your knowledge. Welcome to the Lake of Tranquility.

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