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Escape Your Crisis

We struggle with the transition from student to working life, some call it a quarter-life crisis. How can we prevent burnout symptoms and embrace a mindset of change?

Inspiring Story from Eminem Biography: Fighting Depression and Poverty

How Eminem Got Out of Depression

From a misfit in poverty to the most successful rapper of all time. Eminem’s rags to riches story might inspire you to get out of depression, despite the world working against you.

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10 Positive Trends that show the world is doing better

Is The World Getting Worse?

Activists, journalists and politicians often paint a grim picture of society. But there are actually many positive trends in equality, poverty and research.

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How To Find Your Purpose In Life By Playing A Game

Find Your Purpose

You need to know who you are, before you can decide who you want to become. Define your current identity, visualize the future you desire and build a new system of habits.

This Diagram is NOT Ikigai

This is NOT Ikigai.

The secret that makes Japanese people some of the oldest people on earth, is not a diagram with four circles. Ikigai is something else…

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Learn How To Improve Your Skills and Step Up Your Game

Improve Your Skills

Design your learning environment, become inspired, fight distractions, boost your productivity and track your progress.

How To Reach Your Full Potential

Reach Your Full Potential

Optimize your system, leverage compound effects, monetize your passions and create a passive income.

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