For centuries, Alpha Males were at the head of the pack. They were the men who dictated the rules. But their position is under siege.

(0:00): Intro

(0:38): The Need for Collaboration

(1:34): Online Interactions

(2:37): Shifting Power Dynamics

(3:20): Feminists and Toxic Masculinity

(5:33): Destruction of the Social Pyramid

(6:35): Rise of the Sigma Male

(7:32): Channel Update


Over the course of history, men were always pre-dominant, whether it be as kings, spiritual leaders or politicians. But more and more, men are losing their positions of power. Groups became larger than ever, with a growing demand for collaboration.

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Then there are shifting cultural and social norms. Feminists challenging the traditional male authority, pointing out toxic masculinity. Male dominance became unwanted, which is clearly visible in media, particularly Hollywood. Plus the internet gives a voice to new voices, with indirect interactions and more time to analyze words. No room for machos anymore!

Enforced Equality

We don’t like people who climb on top of other people, and we try to enforce equality through legislation and reformed education. Competitiveness is turned into something evil. Having said that, will the social pyramid still stand in a few decades?

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