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What is FreshSaga about?

FreshSaga inspires you to become the best version of yourself.

FreshSaga collects knowledge from psychology, philosophy, personal finance, personal development courses and self-help books, to give you everything you need to know about self-improvement in in one place.

If you are new to FreshSaga, you should definitely check out The Game of Life.

Get Better at The Game of Life

You find yourself lost out on the open sea. While you start reflecting on where your life is going, you stumble upon Saga. An island that revolves around your self-improvement.

The story guides though the jungle of personal development. Along the way, you’ll discover invaluable treasures and meet inspiring characters. At the Dojo, a mentor trains you to master the necessary skills of life. But danger is looming, so you must make difficult choices. Prepare yourself to overcome personal challenges and fight off distractions.

When you feel ready, you start the ascent to the top of your potential.

It is a tough climb, but greatness awaits.

Play the First Level

WTF is The Game of Life?

The Game of Life is an interactive story in which you are the main character and everything revolves around your self-improvement.

As you play through the 15 levels, you will reflect on yourself, set new goals, form better habits and learn the skills you need in life.

Escape your crisis and find your direction game of life cartridge

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I’d love to see FreshSaga become the number one destination for self-improvement.

But I believe we will only get there through honesty, good content and a pleasant user experience. So I have decided not to display any ads, sponsored posts or promotions for other products/services.

You can help tremendously by making a donation. This will allow me to free up more time to work on FreshSaga. My goal is to have 500 happy comrades around the world that support in life. But you may also make a one-time donation.

Who is behind FreshSaga?

Hi! My name is Daniel and I’m the creator of FreshSaga.

I believe that self-improvement is something we can do together. So I built FreshSaga as an alternative to expensive personal development courses by self-proclaimed life coaches.

FreshSaga is my personal project, next to my work as a subtitle creator and translator for my company Texcited. I built that business in such a way that I can work remotely, often as a digital nomad, so you could quite literally call me a flying Dutchman.

Travelling is my best source of inspiration. I love being exposed to new environments, different cultures and interesting people along the way. It pulls me out of my daily routines and habits, and makes me reflect on the Western values I was brought up with.

My life is very unrestricted and flexible, but I compensate that with tracking everything I do and working on self-improvement structurally. I make a lot of notes and reserve time for introspection. I aim for a healthy balance between work, FreshSaga and my hobbies. 1 hour of work is just as important to me as 1 hour of surfing, reading or meditation. Money is not the driver.

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Monthly revenues, lessons learned and exciting new features; I’ll take you with me on the FreshSaga journey. I find transparency in business very important, so I will share with you FreshSaga’s profits (if any, ha!) Want to see how FreshSaga will evolve in the future? The best way to stay updated is FreshSaga’s Instagram page.


FreshSaga is yours. Got something to share about personal development? Want to help others succeed in life? We offer a platform for great minds, creative writers and sharp analysts. Set up your own profile, publish your best stories and engage in conversations with like-minded people.