Personal Life Plan – Notion Template

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Are you losing track of all the books you’ve read? Are you struggling to keep your habits? Where do you write down your good ideas?

This personal development template gives structure to your progress in life.

🏝️ 2 Interactive Story Missions

Lost at Sea ➟ Self-Reflection Assignment
Gifted Compass ➟ Discover Your Personality

🖊️ Keep a Journal across devices

🧠 Write down your Thougths, Ideas and Knowledge

📃 Document your Personality Test Results

🌅 Plan your Morning, Evening and Nutrition routine

☑️ Track your Habits and Exercises

📚 Structure Your Library: Games, Books & Watch List



Life Plan Notion Template for Personal Development Preview • Personal Life Plan - Notion Template •

What is Notion

Notion is an online tool you can use to document your life. It’s like combining your journal, notes, Trello, Word and Excel together into one single app. You use it to gather your thoughts and ideas, keep track of your life goals, set better habits and give structure to your daily life.

The software is free and you can use it on your smartphone or browser. There are no limitations for personal use, but there are paid subscriptions available for businesses and teams.

How will this template benefit my personal development

The template offers you a sophisticated structure to document your self-improvement.

You can entirely customize to your own needs. You can put in your own habits, tasks, book list, visualization board and morning routine. Write down your thoughts and ideas and create your own fountain of knowledge.

Structure your life in a way that makes sense for you ONLY.